CPSC – AntiCheat

In diesem Video erklären wir, warum Cheater schlechte Spieler sind und versuchen das Signal auszusenden, das Cheater ein Problem für Publisher sind. In einer Sequenz ist uns ein kleiner Fehler unterlaufen. Statt „gesperrt“ gab unser Script „gepserrt“ aus. Wir bitten um Nachsicht. Cheater sind ein Geschwür dass es zu entfernen gilt!
00:07 = Ein Nutzer präsentiert seinen „Free-Account“ den er anderen anbietet!
01:05 = Alltag in der deutschen Lobby in Car Parking Multiplayer
01:19 = YouTube Recherche zu Free-Accounts
01:23 = Internetrecherche zu Free-Accounts
01:31 = Internetrecherche zu gemoddeten APKs
01:35 = Internetrecherche zu Scripts
01:42 = AntiCheat Rap (Translation below)
Music: Freccero • Pixabay (licence-free) Frame (
05:09:00 ):

English-Translation (01:42):
The motication to cheat is very gamer’s question. But how they got in is rarely revealed. If you use cheats, it’s clear to everyone: you’re nothing more than dirt, a defective copy! You deserve more than a ban, you really deserve to be punished! Consequences for cheaters are currently too soft for me. Cheating isn’t legal in normal sports either.. why is cheating in games suddenly irrelevant? And that is exactly where the first problem lies: You are anonymous online and nobody can see you. Nope if you cheat in real life in front of your rival, you’ll quickly land on the ground whimpering in agony. But without any consequences where is the fear? That you catch a few slaps for disrespect. to solve the problem we need more transparency. How else should it come to any consequence? If you play online, you have to reveal your identity. And if he then cheats: Sweep floors behind bars. Even the scolding and threats of many have no place in games. But let’s be honest, the internet will never be perfect, even if we want it to be. So we prefer to look for the original reason: Why a cheater starts cheating in the first place: 1. reason out of 2 leads you down the wrong path: Number 1: You are bad; Number 2: A sociopath. If you are bad and don’t hit anything, you often don’t reach for practice in an emergency, but directly to the aimbot. Fucking cheaters. Ridiculous!
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