CPSC Official | D001 | Olzhas Games

Olzhas Games (Aidana Games) is the official partner of CPSC.

We represent the interests of the developers and work together on strategies and solutions to make Car Parking Multiplayer (CPM) safer, more stable and better overall.

We and the developers are determined against cheaters, hackers and modders, but also against racism, pedophilia, insults, harassment and coercion.

We protect the interests of the mostly very young players and work together to ensure that they move into a safe environment.

Achieving this goal is hard work and together with the developers we will achieve this important key goal.

Editor: Shotcut
Grafiken: CPSC Logo (©2022 CPSC Germany n.e.V.)
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Urheberrecht: Dieses Video ist urheberrechtlich geschützt und dient der informellen Unterhaltung.

1. https://www.cps-c.eu (our official website entrypoint)
https://www.my-cpm.eu (Our social network community)
https://discord.gg/kSAjhT5ZEp (Our Discord)


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